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About us

SDS is a community of scambaiters that has come together to help report and stop scams by sharing information about their practices and methods. We have a forum setup where baiters can share information about any scams they encounter as well as a contact form where people can ask for generic advice, or report any scams they encounter or seek advice if they have fallen victim to a scam, a Rocket Chat server where people can chat with each other and ask for advise in a more secure and moderated environment as well as a Discord server as a fallback incase shit gets wild. We try to encourge our members to work together and combine their skills to help stop scams and protect the people that are targeted. We range from people with to little to no knowlege on tech scams, to full blown cyber security researchers, everyone has a role and no one is ever alone.

Meet The Team


Scammer.info is a scambaiting site and forum where users can talk about scams they have encountered as well as share info to help get them taken down. The Sites discord server has 9014 members as of writing and with such a large team they are able to take down scams almost as quick as they appear. The forums include a multitude of tags and topics allowing users to accuratly lable scams and help people understand them more.

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